Update on COVID-19

We just wanted to send an update on our status here in Napa. As many of you know, there are now or will be soon “shelter in place” guidelines for most of our area. For the time being, our office is still open and we are still here to support you, but with a reduced in-office schedule in place for this week and next. (We will reevaluate our schedule for the beginning of April as necessary.)
Chandra will be in the office Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with Mail pick up and bank deposits also Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
Friday we will close at noon.
Katie will be in the office Tuesday and Thursday.
Sean will be in the office routinely throughout the week.
We expect most tax and compliance deadlines to be extended for this month and next, but for the time being, we are operating on the typical reporting cycle.
If you have questions, or need additional or specific help, please let us know.
We wish you all the best.