Millennial Wine Consumption Up

Per Wines & Vines (3/17/16), the drinking population is now dominated by the Millennials (ages 21-38), followed closely by Baby Boomers (ages 51-69), then trailed by Gen X (ages 39-50) and lastly Seniors (ages 70+). Wine consumption in general has risen since 2000 with a compound average growth rate of 4%. In general, Millennials are drinking more wine than they were 2 years ago while Baby Boomers are drinking less.

What does this mean for wine producers? Well, one aspect of marketing to Millennials is the requisite use of social media. In particular, consumers use Facebook to talk about wine more than any other vehicle. Millennial drinkers are also particularly enamored with “red wine blends, sparkling wines, sweeter wines, some imports and anything new.” So committing to making that sweet red sparkler may make a lot of sense!