Mergers & Acquisitions

Recent Activity in Small Winery Sales

We’ve noticed a lot of activity in winery sales recently.  The list includes Copain, Far Niente, Patz & Hall, MacPhail, and Stryker of Sonoma to name a few.  Not all of the sales include real estate.  The buyers have been various, but one common trait of the sellers has been notable.  The selling wineries have been well-run operations.  These were not distressed wineries.  Not operations looking for a savior.  For any of you small wine operations looking for additional capital, now might be a good time to put the word out.


For news on the Far Niente investment, see the article in Wine & Vines here.

NVWM Announces Strategic Partnership With Achelous

Napa Valley Winery Management, a leading wine-industry support organization in the North Bay Area, announced today a strategic partnership with Achelous Partners, LLC, a New York and Netherlands based investment bank ( to offer Mergers and Acquisitions services. Winery Management provides federal, multi-state, and local compliance services, bookkeeping, and administrative support. The joint venture will allow Winery Management to have access to traditional M&A services for its clients, including sell-side mandates, buy-side mandates, valuations, and strategic advisory. Their team has been dedicated to creating shareholder value for clients through the origination and execution of both sell side and buy side transactions. For sell-side clients, value maximization means identifying and communicating the key attributes of the business or asset being sold to the most appropriate and qualified group of potential strategic and financial buyers. For buy-side clients, team members source acquisition opportunities through their knowledge and relationships within the wine industry and constant global travel.