DTC Shipping now OK in PA

As reported in Wine Business.com, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania signed a bill permitting out of state wineries to ship wine to PA residents. There is a limit of 36 cases annually per person. The bill makes PA the 44th state in the USA to allow DTC shipments; it will go into effect August 8, 2016. Licensing procedures and other bill requirements may take some time to implement, but this does open up the 12th largest U.S. wine market to out of state wineries. Please contact us for more details.

The bill also provides for groceries and restaurants to sell wine to consumers.  Prior to the Governor’s signature on H 1690, alcohol sales were controlled through state liquor stores and sales were not allowed on Sundays.  The Sunday rule has been eliminated, although the Liquor Control Board will retain control of spirits sales for the time being. Find the full story here.